Mike understands the little details as it relates to leadership and customer loyalty. He was an asset to our business for eight years. We are very appreciative and fortunate to have Mike in our corner. His philosophy of life is built around relationships has paid dividends to our busines

John Lymn

Owner & President

Mike’s, company has provided online and offline services to our business over the years. He has created a tremendous amount of value for the services he provided to our company. Some of his attributes are he is extremely attentive, focused, caring, driven and provides a great customer service. We will continue to utilize his services.

Mike Montemurro

President Atlantic Pinstriping & Vehicle Wraps

Mike has been a great business coach and mentor.
My son went through the leadership study with Mike for two years and it completely changed my sons outlook as well as his approach to business.
Thank you Mike for excellent materials and supports to improve his performance and the performance of our company.

Mark Tantillo

President Certified Collision Services

Mike tells you the truth and gives you the guidance you need to hear. I know that on a first-hand basis. My recruiting business was on it’s way to closing it’s doors ten years ago. I reached out to Mike and hired him to help me. Mike told me the truth of what I needed to do, not about my business, but about me and the self- inflicted business wounds I was causing for myself.Needless to say, he was right and now, more than ten years later, my business is thriving and it’s due in no small part to Mike’s knowledge and effort.
I can’t recommend anyone any higher than Mike Hartman!

Mitch Beck

President of Crossroads Consulting

Mike started consulting with our company over thirteen years ago. I can’t thank him enough for what he has done both personally and professionally for our company. We also had Mike as our keynote speaker at several of our Shatkin F.I.R.S.T. Mini Dental Implant Training Courses around the country. I highly recommend Mike’s consulting business to any company that wants to take their business to a new level.

Todd E. Shatkin

DDS Founder

I had Mike Hartman as a player with Team USA and he really demonstrated his leadership skills on and off the ice. He had immense attention to detail when it come to hockey, but also uses his skills to lead people in their lives.

Lou Vairo

Former USA Olympic ice hockey coach and New Jersey Devils assistant hockey coach.

Mike Hartman is one of the most outstanding people I have ever met in my life. He will always go the extra mile for you. I highly recommend his program to anybody who wants to reach their goals.

Leland Maddox MLB

Former Director of player personnel with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Former Co-general manager of the Cincinnati Reds

Mike is an amazing coach who will help you live your best life! He has so much life experience he will shorten your learning curve to achieve greatness! All great leaders have coaches, as it gives them the slight edge.

Kim Angeli

Owner of Grateful Box, Inc.

Mike helped teach work ethic to my brother and myself very early on, it’s the same ethic I bring to the gym today. He helped train me at three different periods when I was growing up. As much as he preaches working out, he preaches even more about food habits and what you put inside yourself. He definitely can be a huge mentor if your looking to better yourself in any form, its not to bad seeing his Stanley cup ring too!

Connor Quinlivan

#3 in the World Irish Dance

Mike’s journey in the sports world directly correlates to the every day struggles most of us have in our own personal and professional lives. Mike’s simple approach to making you understand ways to combat the difficulties we have in day-to-day life are life changing. We all need a coach in our life. If you’re looking for someone to help you find the motivation or passion you lost, Mike is the person for you.

Eric Mentnech

Business Owner

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